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Agave 5lbs. $24.99

Xagave is a sweet, satisfying and sensible choice to replace sugar in your diet. It's all-natural, delicous and a healthy alternative to sugar because it's low on the Glycemic Index (GI is approximately 30). Xagave can save you thousands of calories in your favorite foods and contains a prebiotic fiber. Xagave promotes weight loss, improve digestive health by stimulating the growth and activity of good bacteria in the lower intestine, boosts the immune system, moderate blood sugar levels, and improves energy. Xagave enhances calcium absoprtion and increases bone density. Xagave can be used as a complete sugar replacement, it can be used in any recipe whether cooking, canning or baking and natually works great as an everyday sweetner for you coffe, tea or cereal. Xagave also enhances the flavor and texture of your foods, ENJOY!!!!

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