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Country Cream Powdered Milk $15.99
Milk, Powder, Country Cream® Instant 100% REAL - #10 Can

Our milk is unlike any other powdered milk available, the number one reason is because it actually tastes like milk without a bad aftertaste. The main reason why is because it is 100% milk with vitamins A & D. For a cream-like consistency you will want to mix one part powder to two parts water or mix to desired taste.

Makes up to 5 gallons of milk.

Mixing Instructions:
WaterMilk PowderMakes
1 cup2 Tbsp1 cup single serving
4 cups2/3 - 1 cup1 quart
16 cups2-2/3 - 3 cup1 gallon
80 cupsWhole #10 can5 gallons
2 parts1 partcream-like

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