Mrs. Anderson's Silicone Muffin Pan


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  Makes 12 perfect muffins.

100% European-Grade Silicone.

Stronger, more flexible and durable than FDA-approved silicone.

Non-stick for quick release and easy cleanup.

Sturdy design stands on its own, yet flexes to release foods with ease.

Also great for cupcakes, popovers, mini cheesecakes, and gelatins.

BPA free.

Subjected to higher standards of testing for a superior food-grade silicone, Mrs. Anderson's European-Grade Silicone Bakeware maintains its elasticity and flexibility longer than FDA-approved silicone.  Stronger and more durable, it withstands everyday stress and strain, like twisting to unmold and release foods, yet bounces back to its original shape.  Its non-stick properties last through more uses in an even wider range of temperatures (from -94 degrees F to 500 degrees F) than other silicone baking molds.

Before first use, wash with warm, soapy water or dishwasher.  After initial cleaning, season with a thin layer of oil on the inside surface.  Before each use, lightly coat inside with oil and place on a baking tray for easy transport to and from the oven.  After each use, wash in warm, soapy water or in a dishwasher.

Never cut or use knives and other sharp objects.  Never use with direct heat source or flame (hot plate, glass burner, oven broiler, or grill).  Never use scrapers, brushes, abrasive soap or scouring pad, as this may cause damage.

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Mrs. Anderson's Silicone Muffin Pan
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