There are a variety of electric grain mills available. The best buy is the Ultra Mill. It's easy to use, fast, doesn't make a mess; and, does a beautiful job of milling all grains and beans at a phenomenally low price. It comes in all white. Or, you have five other choices for pan and lid color.
If you have never tasted bread made with freshly ground flour you have no idea how good bread can taste!

White flour has most of the nutrients removed. And, "store bought" whole wheat flour doesn't have a fresh taste and flavor. Why? Once the grain has been ground the natural oils and nutrients begin to deteriorate. Also, the moisture dissipates and leaves the flour dry and hard to work with. The solution to getting the full nutritional value and great taste from your bread and cereals is to grind them fresh.

Not only does the taste and the nutritional value of freshly ground flour and grain improve; but it is economical. A single 50 lb. sack of wheat will make more than forty 2-lb. loaves of bread.

We have some excellent hand-powered grain mills. Not as fast or easy as the Ultra Mill; but, they do a beautiful job of cracking grain or milling flour when you need it - without the need for electricity.


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