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Dehydration is one of the best ways of food storage known to man. If you eat it - it can be dehydrated. Dehydration leaves 95% of the nutritional value in the food (canning only leaves about 20%). It makes food easier to store because it's less bulky taking up less room on the self and, in most cases, does not require refrigeration. Make fruit leathers, meat jerky, dried vegetables, spices, fruits, soup mixes and much more. To reconsitute your dehydrated products just add water. We have selected some of the finest dehydration products available on the market today.

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Another very popular form of food storage and preservation is vacuum sealing. This process can be use in conjunction with dehydration to increase the shelf life on some products almost indefinitely or on it own to maximize the storage life of fresh or frozen foods. The principal is simple - the bacteria that cause food to spoil require oxygen to grow. By removing all the air and storing you food in a vacuum the bacteria cannot grow and your food lasts longer - a lot longer. Our line of Magic Vac vacuum sealers is the best value available on the market today.

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Bulk Grain & Beans

Buying your grain and beans in bulk (50 or 25 lb. sacks) is by far the most economical way to feed your family. Our wheat is certified chemical free and the finest wheat we can buy. It is 17% protein so you can be assured of quality breads each time you bake. We use it exclusively for our cooking classes in our Bosch Kitchen Center and have done for over 12 years. We know we can count on perfect results every time. Our other grains and beans are also the finest quality. A word of warning when ordering Bulk Grain & Beans - Because of the weight of these products shipping can be prohibitively expensive. However, if you are unable to find a local source for these items we will be glad to ship them to you.

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