Bread Making, Rolls, White Crusty Loaves, Light 100% Whole Wheat Bread & Delicious Cakes (WE TEACH FREE COOKING CLASSES!!)

Would you like to have high/light 100% whole wheat bread in only 2 hours with no work except pushing the start button?

Rolls, white crusty bread, sourdough recipes, jams, cakes and many different types of bread are yours quickly and easily.

Have you ever had lead (or door stop) 100% whole wheat bread? Your flour (or wheat) may be low in protein.

Is your bread okay while it's warm from the oven but gets dry and crumbly the next day? Do you have unsightly 'shoulders' on your loaves?

You may need to add some natural ingredients that will correct these common problems. Visit our Bread Making web page for products that will help you make light, moist-for-days, and fluffy 100% whole wheat bread.

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