Nesco Gardenmaster 8 Tray Model


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Nesco Garden Master 8 TRAY Food Dehydrator
The Worlds Finest Food Dehydrator. Made from the finest food grade materials.  This is our "MOST POPULAR" model.  It will dehydrate your trays in only 4-8 hours with the patented "Converga-air" flow system.  It runs on very little electricity at only 1-2 cents per hour!  The trays are opaque which keeps out all light during the drying process to assure peak freshness and more complete nutrient retention. The round design and patented center air flow allow each tray to respond as an individual unit making it possible to dry a variety of foods at the same time with no flavor mixing between trays. In fact, this highly unique air flow system allows you to stack the Air Preserve II up to 30 trays high, allowing you to dry all types of fruits, vegetables, pastas, potpourri, and beef jerky at the same time, Large capacity professional model includes:

  • 8 trays
  • 8 mesh screens
  • 8 Fuit Leather Sheets
  • How to Dry Foods Video
    1 Year Warranty

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Nesco Gardenmaster 8 Tray Model
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