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FREE FOOD STORAGE ANALYSIS tailored to your family. E-mail us with ages and sexes of family members. We will run the analysis and send you a copy absolutely FREE with no strings attached. We stress the seven (7) basic items to sustain life. Then, if you desire you can add 7 auxiliary items to add interest to food preparation. Some of the recipes in our "Back to Basics" cookbook use the 7 basic items in tasty dishes. This book also offers pages of helpful hints on food storage per se. We are the food storage experts. We have been doing this since 1957 and our classes on food storage are free. If you are in SLC call us to see when the next class is being held 801-272-9922 FOOD STORAGE TIP: TRY THE SOUR DOUGH RYE BREAD (Leave out the caraway seed if you prefer a plain wheat bread flavor). Keep your Sour Dough active and you have an everlasting yeast to use in emergencies and with your food storage. Yeast expires in a year or two but sour dough can be kept alive forever.
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