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The Bosch Compact has been in the U.S. since 1981. The best selling machine in Europe, it has a powerful 400-watt motor and a 4-quart bowl. The wire whips mix batters beautifully. The planetary gear system moves the whips and dough hook in such a way that nothing, comparatively, is left on the bottom or the sides of the bowl. The dough hook powerfully kneads any bread or heavy dough, including 100% whole grain breads. Whip a single egg white into a beautiful meringue with the gourmet whisk. Make a beautiful batch of cookies. The Compact even handles double batches of cookies! (Just stop the Compact once or twice to push the dough down that gathers high on the inner wall of the bowl--nothing in comparison with other kitchen mixers we've used.) This special package includes: (1) Bosch Compact Mixer (1) Bosch Compact Blender Compact Slicer Shredder attachement, Kneading Arm, Cookie Whip, and Gourmet Whisk
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Bosch Compact Special Package
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