Brown Sugar Bear


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Simply soak the Brown Sugar Bear in water for about 15 minutes and put it in with your brown sugar. It will keep the brown sugar from drying out and becoming hard. If the brown sugar is already hard, your Brown Sugar Bear will soften it again. They work very similar to a piece of apple or bread that were traditionally placed in the brown sugar to soften it except the ceramic material can be used over and over again, will not impart any flavors, is much safer, and will not decay or mold. When the brown sugar begins to harden, let the ceramic Bear dry out overnight and soak it in water again and reuse. It is made from a specially compounded blend of heat treated clays designed to retain moisture and distribute it evenly and over a period of time. The Brown Sugar Bear may also be used to keep dried fruit, cakes, cookies, raisins, marshmallows and even popcorn kernels from drying out. All of our customers say "They Work Great!". When dried in your oven, cooled, and placed in a sealed container, the Sugar Saver will keep salt and spices dry by absorbing moisture.

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Brown Sugar Bear
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