Back to Basics Grain Mill
Victorio (BTB.) Grain Mill $69.95With the Victorio Grain Mill you have a simple way to substitute fresh whole grain flours and gereals for the store bought items laced with preservatives, bl ...
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FAMILY GRAIN MILL is the best hand mill on the market. It is easier to adjust from fine to coarse grind. It will grind flour fine enough for excellent breads and all baking needs. Also, it will crack ...
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Peel-Away Apple/Potato Peeler
Peel-Away Apple/Potato Peeler - 27.95This popular kitchen tool peels, cores, and slices all in one easy operation with minimal waste. Not only does it peel apples, it peels potatoes fast, clean, and e ...
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Al Dente 5 piece Pasta set
All metal construction. We use this unit in our classes & it works very well. If you want the wholesome goodness of fresh homemade pasta you'll love this unit! Comes with these attachments: Angel ...
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